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Meet the Team



Brandon can best be described as a dental ninja -- part dental assistant, part front office. He is also a professional gamer. I once asked him how he would describe professional gaming? His response was, "I sling that wood, I just nunchuck 'em." Sounds like a ninja to me. We appreciate his dedication and thoroughness to the office, and are sure you will as well. When not at the office, Brandon loves to spend time with his son, Oliver, and wife, Ashleigh. 

Dental Ninja


Hannah has long had a passion for dentistry, and ambitions of becoming a dental hygienist. She also has an intricate sleeve of tattoos, including skulls and lions. It makes the tattoo Dr. Stec has look like the lyrics to a Celine Dion song. Well played, Hannah. Well played. When not at the office, Hannah says she loves to stay cool at the pool. I think it may also be to secretly shame anyone who dares expose their tattoo. 

Dental Rockstar

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