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About Us

We opened Beck Commons Dental in 2019 with the commitment to make sure everyone has the best dental appointment each time they visit. So much so, that you cannot wait to come back for your six month cleaning! While we hope to always give everyone only the best of news, sometimes issues present that need to be addressed. In the event that we need to provide a little tooth assistance, we take pride in offering most dental services in our office. That is not to say we can complete every procedure. When this rare occurrence does present, we have excellent friends to whom we can introduce you. 


We aim to have efficient, productive appointments with a positive outlook and a treatment plan with complete pricing transparency. If time waits for no one, why should you wait to receive treatment? We offer evening hours until 8pm and same day appointments! To better serve our friends and community, we also accept most PPO plans, including Humana/Aetna/UHC Medicare PPO, and offer in-office specials! 

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Dr. Paul Justin Stec

Dentist, Co-Founder, Owner

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