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Routine Cleaning

Every 6 months we make sure your teeth are healthy and at their best. Nice and easy. No insurance? No problem. We offer a new patient special for $95 that includes an exam, x-rays, and complimentary standard cleaning. If it is determined a deep cleaning is needed, we reduce our regular fees to help keep you smiling!

Deep Cleaning (Scaling)

If we do not floss as often or well as we should, bacteria calcifies onto the tooth surface below the tissue! It releases a toxin causing bone loss and the gum tissue to bleed. But don't worry. We place anesthetic so you do not feel a thing and make the teeth look great and healthy!

Dental Bridge

Dental implants are not for everyone, and that is why we have options to replace a missing tooth! A bridge allows us to splint two teeth together, and have it appear three teeth are present....That is a bit of dental magic if I ever heard it!


Fillings are wonderful solutions to fix minor tooth issues. As the issue becomes larger, we run out of space inside the tooth to hold a filling and need reinforce the tooth from the outside. A crown restores the integrity of the tooth and maintains esthetics.  

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