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A bit too much of soda and energy drinks caused the loss of enamel and helped form cavities. To help restore the teeth, we showed them a little love with the use of tissue contouring and porcelain crowns. Tissue contouring allowed us to elongate the front teeth, and the porcelain crowns helped restore the teeth to their previous beauty. While once reluctant to smile, they can now smile with full confidence. Smile on my friend, smile on...


Our friend was missing a few back teeth, and as a result, was chewing only with his front teeth. Chewing with only the front teeth accelerated their wear and deterioration. Some teeth even fractured. As the rate of fractures increased, so did the cavities. To stop this cycle, implants were placed to restore the back teeth and allow for enhanced chewing efficiency. We then proceeded with contouring the tissue to help elongate the front teeth, and porcelain crowns were used to create the enhanced smile you now see. Our friend now enjoys eating everything previously avoided!


Wear of the anterior teeth, coupled with staining, caused the two front teeth to discolor. We placed Four anterior crowns following contouring of the tissue to enhance our friend's smile. No staining here, just bright and glossy front teeth that match her natural teeth perfectly!

As a child, our friend developed an anterior open-bite from sucking her thumb.  Periodontal disease was also present causing tissue and bone loss. A deep cleaning was performed first to bring the teeth and tissue back to health. Invisalign was then used to close the open-bite and align the teeth. Following the completion of orthodontic treatment, in-office whitening was utilized to create the beautiful smile you now see!

Grinding over a prolonged period of time caused the teeth to both shorten and fracture. We completed gingival contouring of the anterior teeth and used esthetic crowns to correct the severe attrition. The smile was not only transformed, it now further compliments the wonderful personality to whom it belongs!

When our friend first presented, she was apprehensive and did not think we could help restore her smile. The front teeth were suffering from both periodontal disease and carious lesions. Over time, the teeth became more loose and started to fracture. Different options were presented, and it was decided to proceed with extracting the two front teeth and replace them with a bridge. The process began with a deep cleaning, was followed with preparation for a bridge, and ended with a beautiful smile!

When presenting for the initial appointment, teeth were missing in both anterior and posterior areas. The inability to chew with back teeth meant chewing exclusively with the front teeth. Chewing in this manner over a prolonged period of time caused extreme wear on the teeth, and some teeth to shift. The placement and restoration of implants allowed us to restore the teeth that were missing. The utilization of dental implants also allowed for the bite to be opened and revitalize the severely worn teeth with porcelain crowns. If we are playing the smile game, you win my friend. Well done!

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